Fun In The Sun – Summer Camp!

ClassroomLet’s jump right in and talk about Summer Camp at Kiddi Kollege. We spend the year reminiscing about summer days filled with trips to chocolate factories, dinosaur museums, Science City, Sea Life, bowling alleys, skating rinks, movie theaters, and the Chiefs stadium, just to name a few. It’s non-stop fun in the sun!

Each School-Age classroom offers so much more than just outstanding daily field trips around the KC area to explore. We also have fun-filled lesson planning and learning that is happening every day. This is where fun and learning come together, even during the dog days of summer.

Water FunSome of our classrooms at summer camp will have passports that will take them to a different country each week to discover and learn about the world. Some classrooms will take camping trips and make s’mores.

Each week will be filled with snow cones and splash days to help cool us off during those hot summer months. Summertime is all about meeting new friends and making memories that will last through the school year. Come join us in the tie-dye-wearing magic of summertime at Kiddi Kollege and the endless fun in the sun! Adventure Awaits! By: Ms. Trish

Classroom 2Summer Fun Cider Mill