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Welcome to Kiddi Kollege

Our early education center prepares children for kindergarten with an encouraging and enriching curriculum, and ensures they graduate with a lifetime love of learning.

We Guide and Inspire the Future!

At Kiddi Kollege Early Childhood Learning Centers, children, families, and education are the heart of everything we do.

For over 65 years, we’ve worked alongside families throughout Kansas to make a difference in children’s lives and help them grow to their fullest potential.

Our early education and child care go beyond traditional day care methods. We’re committed to guiding and inspiring children by making learning environments an enriching experience. Everything from our curriculum to our classrooms is designed to encourage children to learn, imagine, create, explore, and discover!

Whether you have an infant, preschooler, or are looking for afterschool care, we’d love for you to be part of the Kiddi Kollege family! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is thriving at school – and don’t worry, you can tag along for the ride with frequent updates via Brightwheel, our messaging app.

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Choosing a Preschool Checklist

How do you know you’re choosing the right preschool for your family? Ensure you find the perfect early education center to fit your child’s education with our free checklist. Fill out the form on the left to download it today!

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Equip Your Child for the Future

Our early childhood education centers in Kansas City focus on providing your child with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. At Kiddi Kollege, we offer a nourishing and encouraging environment that makes learning an enjoyable activity for young children.

Get in touch with our early learning center staff today for a fully tailored and comprehensive learning program.

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6 weeks – 12 months

Much more than a daycare center, we focus on laying the foundation for your child’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.


12-36 months

Our early learning centers in Kansas City encourage cognitive and physical milestones with fun activities.


2 years old

Our child care center promotes each child’s development of language and motor skills in a program for children aged 2.


3-4 years old

We offer a preschool program based on each child’s specific needs and focused on key areas of development.


4-5 years old

Our early childhood center provides pre-kindergarten children with the knowledge and skills to succeed in every major subject.

 After School

5th-6th grade

At Kiddi Kollege, we are committed to providing a comprehensive child care approach that includes school-aged children.