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Kiddi Kollege Kindergarten Readiness

Kiddi Kollege’s Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

Celebrating Our Students’ Success

About Kiddi Kollege Class PictureKiddi Kollege is very proud of its long history of highlighting our Pre-Kindergarten students with our graduation ceremony. For us, this tradition goes back many decades.

Our graduation ceremony is the keystone to our educational program and is a heartwarming way to showcase our children’s abilities. Many graduates excel in Kindergarten and have been known to test at first grade levels.

Many of our teachers are Kiddi Kollege graduates, and we love hearing stories about where our past graduates are today. The stories they share about their life and memories of their childhood make our work absolutely priceless. We wouldn’t trade those stories and memories for anything.

Pre Kindergarten Graduation Girls

Pre Kindergarten Graduation Boys

Meet the Families

We love hearing Kiddi Kollege graduate success stories! We’re grateful for the families who shared their own experience with us.

The Mires Family

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“Our daughter recently started Kindergarten after having been in Kiddi Kollege Leawood’s Pre-K 2 class. Mrs. Willard and Mrs. Renard served as the lead Pre-K 2 teachers.

Last week we completed our first round of parent-teacher conferences and our daughter’s teacher informed us that she is performing very well academically. She is strong-willed, and her elementary school is utilizing many of the same strategies her Kiddi Kollege Pre-K 2 teachers incorporated to assist her.

Our youngest daughter’s experience – of being very well prepared for kindergarten – was the same for her older sister, who attended Mrs. Willard’s Pre-K 2 class two years prior.

Both our children have attended Kiddi Kollege of Leawood for over four years, and we consider the center’s work throughout the classrooms as playing an integral role in them being fully prepared to enter Kindergarten. It is, in part, for this reason, we will have our yet-to-be born child start in Kiddi Kollege Leawood’s infant room in the spring.

Please consider this our full endorsement of Mrs. Willard and Mrs. Renard’s Pre-K 2 classroom and Kiddi Kollege Leawood’s ability to” prepare their students for kindergarten and beyond.”

-Mires Family

The Ross Family

“I just had my first Kindergarten parent teacher conference. The teacher was blown away by my daughter’s knowledge of sight words, reading ability and math skills. She said that my daughter must have gone to an exceptional Pre-K program! Thank you Kiddi Kollege!”

– Ross Family

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