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After-School Child Care

For Ages 5 to 6th Grade

Send your child to Kiddi Kollege’s After-School Child Care program!

Our after-school child care programs provide an environment in which school-age children can develop an enthusiasm for learning, exploration, and creativity using constructive play activities in areas of their interest. This includes but is not limited to: information technology, sports activities, manipulative play, social interaction, and imaginative play. During the school year, we provide an afternoon schedule that consists of homework time, PM snack, outside play (weather permitting) and a fun-loving, safe, relaxed environment! Contact us today to learn more.

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Summer Camp

Kiddi Kollege also provides an outstanding Summer Camp program. This fun packed calendar consists of daily planned activities, themes, and field trips that keep our school-agers learning and experiencing new adventures daily during the Summer Months. Whether it’s to Science City, Museum at Prairie Fire or our weekly trip to Skate City, Summer Camp at Kiddi Kollege is a very exciting and busy time for all our school-agers.

Classes and Educational Goals

Kiddi Kollege teachers coordinate daily learning experiences appropriate to the developmental level of the child. The educational goals of the curriculum are to develop the following:

  • Self-esteem and Positive Self-image
  • Social Interaction skills
  • Self-expression and communication skills through music, storytelling, building blocks, and interpersonal communication
  • Creative expression through art, music and creative play
  • An awareness of physical fitness, good health and nutrition
  • Large Motor skills through body movement such as jumping, dancing, and outdoor play
  • Small Motor skills and language arts through writing, practicing with scissors/manipulatives
  • Intellectual growth by introducing the children to the world around them
  • Self-control, self-direction and independence
  • The practice of courteous behavior, moral values and respect for others
  • Positive discipline by REDIRECTING negative behavior to a positive behavioral outlet and praising positive behavior