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Kiddi Kollege’s Early Childhood Curriculum

Where All Roads Lead to Success

Kiddi Kollege combines over 65 years of on-site lesson planning with the industry’s leading early childhood research to create our Bear Boulevard Curriculum. Our early childhood education curriculum works to meet the needs of your child’s cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and creative development through individualized attention, building independence, and forming school-to-home relationships.

Our research-based curriculum provides an engaging and interactive path leading to student success while involving parents in each step of their child’s educational growth.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Nurturing Your Childs Needs through Tailoring Instruction

Brilliance comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why our approach to early childhood education meets the unique needs of our students’ growing minds. At each of our Kiddi Kollege locations, you’ll discover:

  • Learning opportunities which include small group activities to foster one-on-one environments between your child and the teachers.
  • Tailored lesson plans and daily activities to ensure success for your child’s type of learning style.

Conscious Discipline

Developing a Life Skill Support Strategies

Guiding and inspiring future generations is our priority as well as our passion. Our all-encompassing curriculum ensures we meet the needs of your child inside and outside the classroom. We do so by:

  • Equipping your child with problem-solving strategies to develop solutions to conflict situations between friends.
  • Executing calming breathing strategies to express and maintain emotions in a healthy way.

Empowering Families

Bridging the Gap between School and Home

When your family joins Kiddi Kollege, you become an integral part of our family. We’re here to support your child’s growing mind through effective communication and collaboration. We do so by:

  • Enabling you to reinforce skills learned at school through curriculum content frequently discussed and shared by your child’s teacher.
  • Utilizing technology to communicate daily updates about your child’s personal growth in the classroom.

Daily Dose Of Fun

A Daily Dose of Fun

Enhancing Learning Opportunities through Fun

Learning is not all homework and textbooks, however, and for our children, the ability to have FUN is just one of the many highlights of our program.

Studies have shown that physical play, for example, helps in the development of our cognitive ability. It is our commitment to foster an environment that encourages and integrates fun within your child’s early development (and beyond).

Fueling a Healthy Mind

Where Nourishment Meets Nutrition

We understand that good nutrition is not only important for feeding our bodies, but also for fueling a healthy mind. Nutrition integrates deeply into our teaching environment which is why our meals are prepared on-site by Kiddi Kollege chefs who have a passion for nourishing young minds.

Mealtimes are more than food, which is why our meals occur as “family-style” in the classrooms. This encourages communication, good nutrition choices, independence, and is one of the many ways we foster our family and community-focused ideals.

Additionally, our menus follow the Kansas Department of Health and Health and Environment’s guidelines for nutrition and offer a variety of healthy options including whole grain, low sugar, and fresh/seasonal produce whenever possible.

Teaching Together

Communication Leads Long-Lasting Relationships

A strong school-to-home relationship is essential for our children’s success in their educational journey. You’ll discover many outlets readily available to foster communication and collaboration between educators and families. We build this approach through:

  • Creating transparent and accessible communication with you.
  • Staying in touch through our messaging app about your child’s daily activities.
  • Helping you cultivate at home learning opportunities with our newsletters containing updates and how to engage in developing your child’s growing mind.
  • Providing you opportunities at drop off and pick up times to communicate face-to-face with your child’s classroom teacher.
  • Holding transparent one-on-one parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring semesters for our Pre-Kindergarten students.

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