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Early Childhood Education For Children Ages 3 to 4

Preschool Activities to Enrich Minds

Our preschool classes throughout the Kansas City metro provide children and families with a calm, loving and serene atmosphere. Our preschool curriculum encourages independence and choices and enhances self-concepts.

Additionally, we conscientiously strive to empower our students to learn self-discipline. We do this by creating and maintaining an academic early learning environment where each child knows the expectations and limits.

At Kiddi Kollege, we know children learn best through hands-on experiences and exploring. This is why a typical day in our Leawood preschool classrooms includes rich opportunities for pretend play, music, art, science, reading, and math activities!

Additionally, we are committed to keeping parents in the loop each day with frequent updates via Brightwheel, our messaging app! 

At Kiddi Kollege, your child has access to a wide range of early learning resources and dynamics that encourage their growth, development, and independence. When you send your child to Kiddi Kollege, you open the doors to comprehensive preschool activities that guide them to excellence.

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Preschool CurriculumPreschool Cirriculum

Kiddi Kollege Leawood Preschool Classrooms use a curriculum which is designed around expanding wonder and exploring new horizons. Our preschool program is child-centered and carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each individual child in key areas of development.

Along with our main curriculum, we have also developed an additional supplemental preschool curriculum which includes daily lesson plans, activities, and various themes for all key areas of development and for each age/classroom. At Kiddi Kollege, we’re very proud of all we’ve created and nurtured throughout our 65+ years in the early educational field!

Classes and Educational Goals for Preschool Development

At Kiddi Kollege Leawood Preschool, teachers coordinate daily learning activities and experiences that are appropriate to the developmental level of each of our children. Through a variety of preschool activities and classes, children get to develop a variety of social, emotional, and fine motor skills.

This preschool program works towards meeting educational goals that include the following:

  • Self-esteem and positive self-image
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self-expression and communication skills through music, storytelling, building blocks, and interpersonal communication
  • Creative expression through art, music and creative play
  • An awareness of physical fitness, good health and nutrition
  • Large Motor skills through body movement such as jumping, dancing, and outdoor play
  • Small Motor skills and language arts through writing, practicing with scissors/manipulatives
  • Intellectual growth by introducing the children to the world around them
  • Self-control, self-direction and independence
  • The practice of courteous behavior, moral values and respect for others
  • Positive discipline by REDIRECTING negative behavior to a positive behavioral outlet and praising positive behavior

Enriching Preschool Activities in Kansas City

Young children thrive in encouraging environments. Our preschool classes do just that. We designed a child-centered preschool curriculum that encourages independence and self-concepts such as self-discipline.

Interested in sending your child to Kiddi Kollege? Contact us today to get them started in our preschool program.

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Why Choose Kiddi Kollege?Leawood preschool program in Kansas City, KS.

Kiddi Kollege is committed to guiding and inspiring children. Our Leawood Preschool offers a wide range of hands-on activities for continuous skill development in a loving and serene environment. 

Since our humble beginnings in the 1950s, we have remained true to our core values and philosophies. Our preschool activities and curriculum demonstrate our vision of stimulating the minds of children.

What Parents Say about Us


“We absolutely love Kiddi Kollege! Everyone has been so genuine and welcoming since day one. They go above and beyond in making our children feel like family and will send picture updates throughout the day showing what fun things our little ones are up to. I highly recommend Kiddi Kollege to any parents out there!”

– Buchele Family


“Kiddi Kollege has been an extension of our family. They have watched my kids grow from year to year. Even after my kiddos have grown from their care, my kids still want to visit. The prices are comparable to other facilities in the area, the quality of care is top notch, I never had to worry about my kids while they were there. The teachers work hard to ensure the growth of your child’s education is fun, interactive, and suitable to their educational level. I appreciate what Kiddi Kollege has done for my family.”

– Houser Family