Fun In The Sun – Summer Camp!

ClassroomAre you a parent in the Kansas City Metro looking for high-quality education and childcare in the form of summer camp? Look no further than the offerings here at Kiddi Kollege. We have several locations across Johnson County, spanning Leawood, Overland Park, Lenexa, and Olathe.

So let’s jump right in and talk about Summer Camp at Kiddi Kollege! We spend the year reminiscing about summer days filled with trips to chocolate factories, dinosaur museums, Science City, Sea Life, bowling alleys, skating rinks, movie theaters, and the Chiefs stadium, just to name a few. It’s non-stop fun in the sun!

Each School-Age classroom offers so much more than just outstanding daily field trips around the KC area to explore. We also have fun-filled lesson planning and learning that is happening every day. This is where fun and learning come together, even during the dog days of summer.

Water FunSome of our classrooms at summer camp will have passports that will take them to a different country each week to discover and learn about the world. Some classrooms will take camping trips and make s’mores.

Each week will be filled with snow cones and splash days to help cool us off during those hot summer months. Summertime is all about meeting new friends and making memories that will last through the school year. Come join us in the tie-dye-wearing magic of summertime at Kiddi Kollege and the endless fun in the sun! Adventure Awaits! By: Ms. Trish

Kiddi Kollege Summer Camp FAQ:

1. Can children enroll in Summer Camp if they are not students at Kiddi Kollege, or is it only for current students?

Yes, children can enroll in just Summer Camp even if they do not attend during the school year. Each school has limited spacing, so we always encourage parents to call ASAP to find out availability for their desired location.

2. What is the age range for participants at Kiddi Kollege Summer Camp?

Our Summer Camp is offered to children entering Kindergarten all the way through the 6th grade. So the typical age range is 5-12.

3. Are students split up by age in Summer Camp, or do they all do the activities together?

Depending on the activity, teachers may split students up by age, but normally we are all together – especially on field trips. As a bonus, this means siblings will get to experience all our fun events together! Be on the lookout for great pictures to be sent to you via Brightwheel, our messaging app.

4. What is the deadline to register for Kiddi Kollege Summer Camp?

We like to have our Summer Camp roster by Mid-May/Graduation time. We highly encourage parents who are interested to enroll ASAP. You can do this by filling out an inquiry online.

5. How long does Summer Camp last? When are the dates announced?

The first week of June is when field trips and major activities begin. Field trips end the first week of August.

6. How often do kids get to go on field trips during Summer Camp?

Field trips are a huge part of our Summer Camp fun! We get out and about at least 3 to 4 times a week. Skate City is our most popular outing, so we usually make it a weekly occurrence. Bowling tends to be a favorite as well.

7. Do each of the 8 locations offer this?

As of now, the only center that does not have a Summer Camp program is our location on 87th Street in Overland Park. That may change in the future if the demand increases.

8. How much does it cost to attend Kiddi Kollege Summer Camp?

Please contact the staff at your desired school to see what the Summer Camp fees are for that location.

9. I’m interested! How do I sign up?

Great! We’re so excited to have you join us. To get started, please fill out an inquiry on our website or call the director of your school.

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