Tour An Early Childcare Center With Confidence

Parents are always in search of the best childcare center, and often begin their search with several tours before making a decision. When it comes to finding a trusted environment where children are nurtured and cared for, parents want to feel confident their child will also learn and develop valuable skills. With so many options, it’s important to distinguish the difference between an early childcare center and a daycare so you know which one you’re choosing.

The Difference Between An Early Childcare Center and “Daycare”

Although many people consider them to be interchangeable, there are several differences between an early childcare center and a daycare. An early childcare center is more than just daycare, where children aren’t just being supervised and kept safe while parents are away at work. Children are provided various learning activities in a visually pleasing and organized environment. Staff members are highly trained in not only caring for children, but educating them through developmentally appropriate activities.

How to Know You’re Touring an Early Childcare Center:

1. Staff are Mobile, Not Just “Supervising”– Look for adults who are busy moving around, engaging with students, monitoring activities, and tending to children’s needs. Teachers should never be sitting or standing in one place, looking disinterested, or in a position where they need to raise their voice across a room.

2. Walls and Bulletin Boards Reflect the Children and Learning– Make sure walls are aesthetically pleasing where artwork, photos, and children’s activities will be proudly displayed.

3. The Director is in the Business of Education– This shouldn’t be someone who woke up one day and decided early education would be a lucrative business venture. The director should truly have a passion for early learning and have a strong background in the early childhood education field.

4. Even the Chaos Seems Organized– Children should be given the opportunity for free-play and exploration, but it should still seem purposeful and regulated even when the classroom is busy. Children shouldn’t be running around the room aimlessly or out of control.

5. There is an Actual Curriculum or Basis for Learning– Activities seem to facilitate learning and are meaningful. Children are given various creative methods to learn through play and explore as opposed to just scribbling or filling out worksheets.

6. Positive Vibes– Teachers should be warm and uplifting in their interactions, management should be friendly and supportive, and most importantly, children should seem happy!

Choosing an Early Childcare Center

With so many childcare centers to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to determine if you’re touring an early childcare center or just a daycare. Paying attention to the environment and making sure it checks all the boxes will help you feel more confident in your decision. Once you see how happy your child is and how much they are learning and growing, you’ll feel a sense of relief knowing you took the time to determine the difference and chose the right care.

Ready to See for Yourself?

Kiddi Kollege is more than just a daycare, it’s an early childcare center where your child will learn and grow while being nurtured and cared for in a high-quality environment. Our family-owned and operated early childhood education centers span all across Johnson County. Find the school nearest you and get in touch with us today to schedule a tour! We can’t wait to meet you.

By: Alex Kuhn, Assistant Director, Kiddi Kollege of Leawood