Oh, the Places You’ll Go, Kiddi Kollege Scholars!

Our History Inspires Us

Kiddi Kollege Pre-K Graduation time is upon us. This is a very special tradition that started at our centers back in the 1950s. Our schools are very proud of their long history of highlighting our Pre-kindergarten students with our graduation ceremony. It is truly a special time for not only our graduates but their families as well.

Feel the Pomp and Circumstance!

Kiddi Kollege Grad GirlPicture it: they walk out wearing their little caps and gowns, their confidence high, big smiles on their faces, filled with readiness to soar into kindergarten feeling prepared – can’t you feel the pride just thinking about it?

Watching all the children take the stage, overjoyed to showcase their knowledge and sing songs about the months of the year, days of the week, the seasons, and how “they are off to kindergarten yes they are” – it’s a moment that warms the heart of everyone in attendance.

Then, it’s time to receive their diplomas followed by proudly singing, “We’re Kiddi Kollege Scholars” to make this graduation ceremony official.

The children’s favorite part is, of course, the party afterward which is centered around a big graduation cake, which seems to be a crowd-pleaser for the kiddos.

Kiddi Kollege Grad Pledge

Join Our Kiddi Kollege Family

For us at Kiddi Kollege, these are the moments we hold so dear. For many years, we have had scholars who come back to our schools to visit or say hello, we even have some that will join our teacher team and become an even bigger part of our Kiddi Kollege family and legacy.

These stories are priceless to us. These stories are what make us Kiddi Kollege, proud to be locally owned since 1957. These are the stories that guide and inspire us every day to be the best childcare centers we can be.

Adventure Awaits, Dream Big, Kiddi Kollege scholars… The World is Yours!

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