What is Conscious Discipline?

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based program that helps teachers and parents teach children to self-regulate. Learning to manage our own thoughts, feelings and actions are an integral part of a successful life.

Our staff is trained on the different components of the program which include: Brain State Model, Seven Powers, The Foundation of Safety, Creating the School Family, Seven Skills of Discipline and The Foundation of Problem-Solving.

Survival State, Emotional State, Executive State

Conscious Discipline recognizes “Survival” State, “Emotional” State and “Executive” State.  We want to teach children how to go from the “Survival” State to the “Executive” State when dealing with conflict in the classroom. If two children are arguing over a toy, we teach them to use words to ask for what they want and to work it out, instead of hitting or getting emotional.

Creating a Safe Place

This is achieved by teaching children about composure. By offering a “Safe Place” where children may choose to go to “gain control” of their feelings, children can learn how to take back their power and be in control of themselves, whether they are sad, angry, missing someone or just need to be alone for a minute. In the “Safe Place” are ideas to help them, such as relaxation techniques that are practiced in the classroom, and soft things to cuddle.

Words of Encouragement

Teachers are trained to encourage children and to teach the children to encourage each other, to be assertive, to understand choices, to have positive intent, empathy and to understand consequences. Once they practice and understand these areas, they can then make better decisions which come from the higher levels of the brain.

These are ongoing techniques which we practice daily. Teaching children to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do vs. what do I get out of it. School climate affects the culture you want to create!

The Motto is “Our job is to keep you safe; your job is to help keep it that way!”