5 Questions to Ask When Enrolling in Preschool

It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s education. In fact, the earlier the better, as early childhood learning programs tend to fill up quickly! Enrolling in preschool can be a lengthy process, mostly due to the time it takes beforehand to assess your options and pick the best fit for your family. In this blog, we’ll help you navigate the questions you should plan to ask – both to yourself and the school -when enrolling your child in preschool. We’ll cover questions regarding preschool curriculum, accreditation, safety, staff, playtime, and more.

1. Preschool Location – Where Is It?

When enrolling in preschool, location is a huge consideration. Think about each preschool’s proximity not only to your home, but your place of employment, your spouse’s, or anyone else who may play a key role in pick-up and drop-off. Perhaps Grandma or Grandpa plan to help? If so, throw them into the mix when making your decisions for preschool candidates. 

At Kiddi Kollege, we are pleased to offer several options for families looking to enroll in preschool. Our schools are spread throughout eight locations across four cities in Johnson County, Kansas. 

2. Is the School Staff Passionate and Professional?

The teachers and support staff at your child’s school can make or break the experience for all parties involved. Be sure to look into the credentials and standards required of staff in order to work in the building. 

For example, in addition to requiring our teachers to have a background in Early Childhood Education or a related field, we also exclusively seek staff members that have an unwavering love for teaching children and providing impeccable care every day. We strive to make our schools feel like a home away from home for not only our students, but for our staff and families, too!

3. What Is the Preschool’s Reputation?

What do other parents say about the schools you are considering? Before enrolling in preschool, do a deep dive on Google reviews, ask around at church or other events, and keep your eyes peeled for insider information so you can make the best choice for your family.  

Check out our parent testimonials page to read first-hand experiences from our Kiddi Kollege families.

4. Is the Preschool Accredited?

A strong preschool curriculum follows research-based learning objectives, rather than just offering aimless open play without a consistent structure and rhythm. Both should exist in a preschool classroom, but only through careful planning and facilitation to strike the perfect balance for little learners to thrive. 

The best preschools in Kansas City prioritize high-quality education that helps children develop a love for learning. Our AdvancED Accredited program combines over 65 years of on-site lesson planning with cutting-edge research to meet your child’s cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and creative development needs. The foundation of our preschool curriculum is built upon the nationally recognized Frog Street Threes, and we’ve added our own personal touches through our Bear Boulevard Curriculum.  

Curious to know more about the specific components of our accredited preschool curriculum? Check out our blog.

5. What Will My Child Do at Preschool?

To feel confident that your child is in good hands during the work week, you’ll want to have a good sense of what your child will be doing at school each day. When touring various preschools, be sure to ask questions regarding their daily lesson plans, discipline policies, meal plans, and safety protocols. 

Education and playtime go hand in hand, at least they do at Kiddi Kollege! Below are some of the ways we incorporate fun and learning seamlessly into our daily lessons.

Science Exploration

Preschoolers are natural scientists, and our curriculum often includes hands-on science experiments and observations. Kids have the opportunity to explore topics like plants, animals, weather, and the physical world to spark curiosity and critical thinking.

Early Literacy

Preschoolers are introduced to language and literacy through activities such as storytelling, reading books, and exposure to letters and letter sounds. We emphasize early literacy skills, such as phonemic awareness and vocabulary development, in our daily lessons.

Math Readiness

Our Kiddi Kollege students learn to count, recognize numbers, explore patterns, and engage in simple math activities that build a foundation for future mathematical understanding. There are many ways to make math fun! We do this through games, activities, songs, art projects, and more.

Dramatic Play and Gross Motor Skills

We encourage imaginative and pretend play through dress-up clothes, play kitchens, and other props. This helps children develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and the ability to take on different roles. 

Gross motor skills are promoted through activities like outdoor play, running, jumping, and organized games, which contribute to healthy physical development and coordination for our kiddos.

Creative Arts and Fine Motor Skills

Through drawing, painting, music, and dance, we encourage creativity and artistic exploration. These activities help our students develop fine motor skills and self-expression.  

To further promote fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination, our curriculum integrates activities involving manipulatives, cutting with scissors, glueing and pasting, using playdough, writing, and much more.

Social and Emotional Development

Preschool is a critical time for developing social skills and emotional intelligence. Children learn to interact with peers, take turns, and express their feelings. Through conscious discipline and positive guidance strategies, our Kiddi Kollege teachers and support staff provide direction to help students resolve conflicts and build self-confidence. We place emphasis on redirecting negative behavior to a positive behavioral outlet while praising positive behavior.

Social Studies and Cultural Awareness

Through enrichment activities and projects, our preschoolers explore their community and the wider world through age-appropriate lessons on topics like family, community helpers, and cultural diversity. These lessons help foster an early understanding of the world around them.

Health and Safety

In our classrooms, we introduce basic health and safety principles including personal hygiene, nutrition, and awareness of safety rules. These lessons help children develop healthy habits and stay safe. Our classroom motto is: “Our job is to keep you safe; your job is to help keep it that way!”  

As Midwesterners, we know all too well how fierce Mother Nature can get during storm season. For this reason, we’ve prepped our buildings accordingly, each with a designated storm room for students, staff – and parents, if needed – to shelter during inclement weather. Discover our approach to storm shelters in our blog.

Mealtimes at Kiddi Kollege

Mealtimes are more than food, which is why our meals occur as “family-style” in the classrooms. This encourages communication, good nutrition choices, independence, and is one of the many ways we foster our family and community-focused ideals. 

We follow the USDA and KSDE guidelines for nutrition, offering a variety of healthy options including whole grain, low sugar, and fresh produce whenever possible.

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We hope this list was helpful in guiding you on your quest to find the best fit for your family. Enrolling in preschool is a big milestone for kids and parents alike! Please give us a call with any questions you may have along the way. 

Whether you have an infant, preschooler, or are looking for afterschool care, we’d love for you to be part of the Kiddi Kollege family! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is thriving at school – and don’t worry, you can tag along for the ride with frequent updates via Brightwheel, our messaging app. Schedule a tour today!